TRRN Web Platform

Learn. Share information and research. Engage and network with one another. Store and share big data. Collaborate with other stakeholders and organizations. All in one digital space.

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A Digital Space for All Things Refugee Resettlement.


In a time when information, research, and data are being produced at such high speeds, we as a field need to keep up. We are building a digital, interactive platform to do just that. This platform will enable refugee resettlement stakeholders to stay in the loop on ground-breaking research, communicate quickly and effectively as new and uncharted issues arise, and stay in contact with individuals they meet at events and create new contacts within the refugee resettlement sphere.


What We're Building

The TRRN web platform will include a number of useful resources. Here are a few:

A Newsfeed and Online Forum

Direct Message Capabilities Between Individuals and Organizations

Open-source Research and Resource Library

An Interactive Map and Database of Organizations

Secure Storage Space for Big Data

Multi-language Functionality

Monthly Webinars on Emerging Issues, Important Topics, and New Ideas

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Make the Web Platform Happen.


Creating and maintaining a web platform takes resources. This much-needed resource in the refugee resettlement community cant happen without you. You can support the web platform by making a one time or recurring donation or sponsoring the platform. Contact us for more information on how you can be part of this innovative solution for refugee resettlement.