Regional Events

Bringing stakeholders together in their localities.

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TRRN Regional Events


We organize local events across the US and Europe to bring stakeholders together and share ideas, best practices, and issue areas. This allows stakeholders to create a local network, promote collaboration on promising ideas and uncharted issues, and promote best practices. These events are day-long or evening events and will provide time for presenting new research, idea incubation, and networking.

In 2018, we have received funding to hold six regional events, three in the US and three in Europe. This year, they will be held in:


Upcoming Events

Past Events

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Sponsor or Partner with a TRRN Regional Event


Interested in seeing additional regional events across Europe and the US? Please consider supporting us by sponsoring a regional event or partnering with us to plan one in your city. 


Sponsor a Regional Event

Creating lasting and close-knit connection with other local stakeholders is essential for growing and cultivating a transatlantic network of well-informed, well-connected practitioners. A typical regional event costs 3,000 USD. Your support will allow us to grow and sustain this work.

Bring a Regional Event to your City

We need individuals and organizations in local US and European cities to take initiative in fostering local networking, promising and innovative ideas, and collaboration. You can plant the seeds by contacting us to bring a regional event to your city.