Transatlantic  Refugee Resettlement Network

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The Transatlantic Refugee Resettlement Network brings together refugee resettlement stakeholders to accelerate the acquisition and sharing of knowledge across borders and promote best practices, new research, and promising innovative ideas.


About TRRN

The Transatlantic Refugee Resettlement Network (TRRN) is a network of on-the-ground practitioners, researchers and other stakeholders working to effectively resettle and integrate refugees and to measure impact. Through communication and collaboration, we seek to accelerate the acquisition and sharing of knowledge across borders and thereby highlight and promote best practices, new research, and promising innovative ideas.



The networking opportunities and connections made through TRRN will help advance the field of refugee resettlement in the following ways:


Greater interconnectedness between refugee resettlement stakeholders in local areas as well as across the Atlantic.

More effective resettlement programs and policy informed by greater access to evidence: research in the field and established best practices.

Quickened communication across large numbers of stakeholders about pressing and emerging issues within the field.

Greater potential for innovative ideas and research because of increased communication, collaboration, access to securely stored and shared big data, and access to information.

Increased international collaboration on resettlement and integration and research in those areas.

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Our Programs

The Transatlantic Refugee Resettlement Network seeks to provide opportunities for stakeholders to connect, communicate, and collaborate. To do this, TRRN carries out three major programs.


Local Events in European and US Cities

We organize local events across the US and Europe to bring refugee resettlement stakeholders together and share ideas, best practices, and issue areas. 


2nd Annual Transatlantic Conference

In 2018, our 2nd Annual Transatlantic Conference will be in Berlin, Germany. The conference will bring stakeholders together for a convening to discuss issues, new research, best practice, effective policy, and innovative ideas. 


Interactive Web Platform

We are building a digital, interactive platform for refugee resettlement practitioners to learn, share information and research, engage and network with one another, store and share big data, and collaborate in the digital space. 


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Join the Network

Join the network of refugee resettlement stakeholders working to promote best practice, conduct ground-breaking research,  create innovative solutions, and collaborate. Joining the network is free and gives you access to all of our events and our interactive web platform.

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Support the Network


The Transatlantic Refugee Resettlement Network is run by a team of volunteers who work within the refugee resettlement space. We depend on one-time and monthly contributions from people like you in order to put on events and build the digital online platform. 

TRRN is fiscally sponsored by the Migration Hub Network, so any and all contributions you make are tax-deductible. Thank you for your support. 

Interested in sponsoring the network? Please see our sponsorship tiers and contact us today. 

Our fiscal sponsor is 501(c)(3) nonprofit Institute for Education, Research, and Scholarships (IFERS)